Custom made gaskets for grease traps.

Our custom-made grease trap gaskets are plastic backed, which helps them hold their shape.  This reduces the failure you get when the pressure from the hatch causes them to “pop” out of shape.  This herniating condition promotes tearing and premature wear, all of which leads to gasket failure that allows the smells of the trap out into the open air.

Why a custom-made grease trap gasket?

Grease trap replacement gaskets are often just expensive rolls of foam rubber that are not likely to stay where they are suppose to. They have nothing to hold them in place, which is made worse by the fact that the trap they are going into is probably a rusty rough surface that will not keep them in place.

What info is needed to order a custom grease trap gasket?

1) Exact dimensions of the trap’s hatch.

2) Number and location of the hold-down bolts.
a) One bolt in center
b) Two bolts with center to center measurements and distance from end of the hatch.

3) Hatch style
a) Flat featureless
b) Hatch with bracing

4) Thickness of gasket
a) Most are about ½ inch
b) Thin design ones have a hatch that sits high

What does a custom-made grease trap gasket cost?

The cost for a custom-made grease trap gasket is $99 plus shipping.  This is comparable to catalogue gasket kits that are available, which are just rolls of foam.

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Contact us at or call 201-921-7340 to get information about, or to order a custom grease trap gasket.  In most cases they cost $99 plus shipping.

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